Formerly known as Slip and Fall


Having gained her powers later in life than most, Babbitt sought out the Heroes’ Guild as a way to learn to control her powers over friction and thus reduce the number of broken bones and items around her. In the few years Babbitt has been operating, she has gained a number of fans in the guild. Many think she has the potential to be one of the greats but first she must learn to use her powers a range of more than a few feet.

+Ability to increase or decrease the friction in a given area

-Very limited range
-Hard to target individual people or items
-Lack of experience

Please no sheep puns

Black Sheep

The official hero of Grand Junction, Colorado; Black Sheep has been an active hero for almost 15 years. In that time he has honed his curse of Lycanthropy into a powerful tool for good. Now able to transform at will into his ram form, no time of day is safe for the baaad people of Grand Junction.

+Enhanced senses
+Enhanced physical abilities
+Deep understanding of magic

-Unorthodox techniques
-Does not work well with others
-Does not like puns

I find an aerosol to be a much more effective delivery method than a hurled stick


The child prodigy of an infamous crime family; Cupid spent much of her early life mixing sedatives and poisons for her family to make use of in their schemes. Some time in her late teens, Cupid decided she had had enough and ran away. Finding her way to the Heroes’ Guild, she began her path to redemption. With her sheltered and distorted upbringing, Cupid still finds it difficult to understand many of society’s norms and is often at odds with others because of it.

+Doctorates in Chemistry, Biology, and Computer sciences
+No sense of fear or hesitation.

-No sense of fear or hesitation
-No social graces

When life closes one door, you had better hope it wasn’t one she opened

Door Girl

Little is known about this young girl other than she is one of the most gifted teleporters in existence. She can often be found guarding the front door to The Crown; a heroes’ bar run by her father(?). It should be of note that The Crown does not seem to have a physical location and can be accessed from a number of places around the world by way of a secret knock and password. It is believed by most that this is achieved by Door Girl’s ability to open any door to any other location.

+Seemingly unlimited ability to open doors to any location
+Is treated as a little sister by The Crown’s two resident bouncers; Smash and Grab

-Nothing is known about her past

Dr. Captain Man does the best he can; which is more than you could ever do. That’s because he is better than you could ever be.

Dr. Captain Man

Dr. Captain Man is easily one of the most powerful heroes around today, and he will gladly and at length tell you why that is. The only thing more powerful than his energy constructs is the confidence he has in himself.

+Energy constructs

-Hard to work with
-Super-sized ego
-Seems to not see his own constructs and acts as if it is only his own might doing the work

Well, there goes the lights

Elecrtic Missy

Sometimes powers can be more of a curse than a blessing. Gifted with a naturally supercharged electro-magnetic field and cursed with little control over it; Electric Missy has had a tough time, since her powers developed, living in the modern world. Few electronics hold up around her, which nearly eliminates her ability to use phones, computers, or even cars. She hopes that the Guild will be able to help her gain control and live a more normal life. In the meantime, she will do what she can to help others.

+Shocking touch
+Limited electric discharges

-No control over her powers without extreme concentration
-Menace to electronics

Drop your weapons and reach for the sky, ya dirty good fer nothin’ sack of beans

Gunn Slinger

In 1860, gold was discovered by a prospector on Gunn Slinger’s family farm tucked on the rocky slopes of the Western Kansas territory. The prospector reported his findings to a group of local highwaymen who attempted to strong arm the property away from Gunn Slinger. She responded with the pair of 1851 colt revolvers, passed on to her from her father. She found she was imbued with an uncanny sense of not only her own weapons, but of all firearms in the area. Making short work of the brigands, Gunn Slinger soon found herself being sought out by others in need of an avenging angel. How she made her way to modern times is something she has never fully explained to the public.

+Mastery and connection to all firearms
+Able to summon firearms as needed
+Bounty hunter and frontiers woman

-Out of her own time
-Pragmatic to a fault

Bang Zoom – we’re both on the moon

Gunpowder Punch

A powerful telekinetic by nature, Gunpowder Punch is still learning how to control her abilities so they don’t hurt her as well. She is currently on probation with the Heroes’ Guild after a number of incidents involving excessive force and collateral damage. She could be one of the greats but she has a long road to travel before that happens.

+Telekinetic force
+Enhanced physical abilities
+Psychic healing

-Newton’s 3 law of motion
-Arrogant and stubborn

Do you weigh as much as my polar bear?


Based out of New Brunswick, Canada; Icebreaker is the leader of the Northern Protectors and can often be found patrolling the Canadian frontier for signs of super villain activity. Thankfully, under life and death circumstances, Icebreaker is an impressive and effective leader and combatant. Unfortunately, under less pressing circumstances, his tongue often freezes up leaving him at the mercy of poor word choice and limited power control.

+Ice and cold manipulation
+Cold immunity
+Skilled tactician and leader

-Public speaking
-Got no game
-Trouble controlling powers when nervous

Damn it Tom! I’m a private investigator, not a shrink!


Gifted with a near perfect memory and enhanced mental capabilities; Insight combines many of the best qualities of a computer along with the intuition and creative problem-solving of a person. Insight makes a living as a private investigator as well as acting as one of the lead investigators for the Heroes’ Guild. With his superior senses and intelligence, Insight is a credible threat in all situations.

+Perfect memory
+Super hearing, sight and touch


Who do you think told Arthur to make the table round? You think men want to talk to each other?

Knight Lady

With the murder of her family, Knight Lady set out to seek revenge on those who had wronged her. During her journey she crosses paths with Sir Galahad during his quest to find the Holy Grail. With his help, she eventually found those responsible. Inspired by Galahad’s faith and purity, Knight Lady decided to spare their lives; instead turning them over to the authorities for trial. She continued her journey with Galahad eventually helping him to find and return the Holy Grail. On the day of her wedding to Sir Galahad, Oberon; the King of the Fairies, attempted to pull Camelot into the Fairy Realm before its connection to the Christian faith could be fully established. Due to Knight Lady’s deep faith and contact with the Grail, the Fairy Realm rejected her presence and flung her through time.

+Master sword fighter
+Enhanced physical abilities
+Holy presence

-Still adjusting to this new land
-Morally black and white
-Deep contempt for magic

The sign doesn’t say send me your wealthy and energetic

Lady Liberty

The child of immigrants; Lady Liberty found herself mystical linked to the Statue of Liberty while on a school trip. In her statue form, she is made of copper, can cast fire from her torch and is fluent in French. In college she met her partner, Magmacarta, and together they form an impressive duo.

+Copper form
+Strength and durability
+Linked to all forms of the statue


Unwilling herald of the Candy-pocalypse

Licorice Whip

One of the youngest people to ever join the Heroes’ Guild; Licorice Whip has been operating as a hero for over 35 years. Licorice Whip is capable of creating nearly unlimited candy constructs with a variety of qualities. With his ability to materialize candy weapons added to his obsession with battle, Licorice Whip has earned a fearsome reputation.

+Candy Constructs
+Combat experience
+Tough as nails

-Touchy about his hero name
-Too old for this crap
-Can only eat candy

I’ll give you a speedy trial by fire.


A descendant of the volcano goddess Pele; Magmacarta went against her family’s wishes and left the islands of Hawaii to attend law school on the mainland. Having decided to stay with her partner, Lady Liberty, she is now part of a duo that fights not only as heroes but as civilians for civil rights, justice and freedom for all.

+Lava goddess form
+Fire immunity

-Family issues

That’s MISTER Meister to you!


Meister is brand new to the Heroes’ Guild. He is just learning to master his ability to manipulate items around him. Only time will tell what will become of this untested hero.

Who’s #1?

Mr. Amazing

The top ranked member of the Heroes’ Guild; Mr. Amazing is more than just your average hero. He is an ongoing and ever present defender of peace and equality. Above and beyond that, he acts as a deterrent for criminal activity on a national level.

+Super speed
+Super strength
+Super durability
+Member of the Presidential Advisory Board

-Has a hard time keeping his secret identity

I think we are going about this all wrong.

Ms Cortex

I’m not a kid I’m O.L.D.!

Officer Little Dipper (OLD)

The Stroke is mightier than the… wait… did I mess that up? (Dictated and not read)


Опасность, Опасность, Опасность

Red Alert

Float like a butterfly. Fall like a rock.

Rock Dove

Adding injury to injury.

Rock Salt

Yes I am that great. My mom said so.

Stew Pendous

Pardon me but the great north is here to kick your ass.