Warping reality with the power of grammar


Not long ago Adverb was one of the top heroes. She may have been the greatest with more time sp…
         Hay, I can see you talking about me. Jesus you make it sound like I washed out           or something, I had a kid and decided to take some time off the front line.
… not long after rumors began to surface regarding her relationship wi…
         Why don’t you shove it! Seriously did I do something to make you mad?                       Normally you more neutral than this. Is this about last week when I changed             your closing line? It was grammatically weak.

Before there was the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse there was the horse of war


Father would be so proud. You humans, even without him, have built such impressive means to destroy each other. My master Ares would be filled with joy that your war continues forward. Your thirst for conquest drives on without him. Sometimes I can still feel his presence in the embers remaining from your leveled citys. I can’t wait to see what you fight over next?



Jeese some people will put their whole lives on line without thinking about it. User agreement says its ok for them to access your microphone, no one asks why a free to play game needs your mic and camera, idiots. Now I just need Mr Dictator to log in to something and I have access to his whole system.

Super computers require Super IT


So, I get that this thing is powered by the energy pulled from rapidly shifting quantum states and there isn’t anything to unplug per-se but honestly the first step, did you turn it off and back on again? Yes I get that it’s always technically both off and on. No I am not just wasting your time… Then just observe it until it’s all off… No I am not giving you a discount because you’re having to do this yourself. No the lights shouldn’t be red… Alright now do me a favor and lift it four inches above a sturdy surface, now let it go. Yes drop it!
You’re welcome… Thank you for contacting Super I.T. Have a great day.

What do you mean she got a new girlfriend!?

Dr. Jealousy

If you can keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs, you just might make general some day.

General Panic

Everything that’s not bolted down is mine now.


Need something done before anyone can blink? Deadlines looming like the pyramids? Grab will get you what you need before you can believe it. I’ll run circles around the competition until their heads spin. Distractions, deliveries, devious, daring or dangerous? Don’t waste your money on someone who can’t reach the finish line. My track record speaks for itself and no one runs it better.

What’s more basterdly than Brent. A super audit.


Not to be confused with its creator Maximus Mechimus

Mechimus Maximus

Matsudo is right for everybody, because Matsudo is for everybody. What good is it leaving only one building standing if someone goes supernova downtown. That shouldn’t have to be your problem, and with Matsudo, you won’t have to worry. We keep ourselves ahead of the curve anticipating your needs before you know you need them. That keeps you ahead of the curve and that’s what’s right. Together we made Matsudo right for you.

This is a very scary bird of a feather

Perry Keet

Someone once told her to have a colorful personality. She found the next best thing.

Prism Beam

Doctrists from In-between Univeristy 

Professor Paranormal

None of us can fly, or run at the speed of sound, and traffic was a mess, but I think we made good time.

Rapid Responce Unit

I’ll take charge of your treasure!

Receiver General 

That was a close one


You just need to realize the truth. There is no cat.

Schrodingers Cat

If you were raised in a cave and had only ever seen shadows that would be your reality.

Shadow Puppit



What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.

The Confinscator

She’s the go-to Goatee.

The Goatee

Enraged Goatee almost saw red. This was an incredible feet for her because goats are almost completely red-green colorblind. As a matter of fact without the aid of her cybernetic third eye she may have missed the horribly offensive sign.
“Goat crossing my fetlocked ass, I go where I want” Goatee gumbled in to her gun stock. If she were still in her home dimension such a sigh would be seen as a hate crime.
But she wasn’t in her home dimension was she. Goatee still wasn’t used to that idea. Being surrounded by all these… monkeys… was still unsettling to her even years after her accident.

As tempted as she was to obliterate that horrible piece of scenery her target was something a bit more primate in form and if her dad taught her two things it was how to shoot and when to shoot.

Has anyone seen my beachball? It’s about this big. I think it was last over there.

The Gun Show

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