Author: Alex Mensen

Everyday Superheroes

When the Void screams back.

Nothing. Then, existence. I hated it. I felt the concept sink into my perfect void trying to fill me. It felt wrong as if I was being altered in some grotesque way, polluted by this reality. Then I began to understand a new concept, something so ingrained into this reality that it was the first…
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Red Alert

The girl would not meet my eyes. “That’s an ugly bruise on your wrist?” I prompted her again.  “I fell and hit it on a railing,” Jamie lied to me. She was so young, it was hard to tell with the makeup and the heels but I had seen many before just like her. The…
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Rock Salt’s Creation

Rock Salt is one of the first pieces of work we commissioned. Back in the day, we meet Guy through a local art group in Denver called Red Team GO. He was kind enough to do some of the base work that got Earth Tau going. The game and art style evolved over the production…
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Blood and Water (part 1)

The clatter of a pot hitting the floor rang out from our apartment’s small kitchen. “Mom, do you need help?” I asked from the living room. There was no answer.  “Mom, you ok?” I called.  “Mom?”  No answer.   “Mom?!” Panic started to lace my voice.  I hurled myself around the half wall separating the two…
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But why Tua?

When we were first building the world we knew that we would end up with a multiverse. Every sci-fi/fantasy world that runs long enough eventually has one and we figured it was best to simply plan and integrate it from the start. While most of these multiverses seem to have rather arbitrary naming conventions, such…
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Have a Care Package

Let your mind drift and enjoy some zen-like drawing with our creative director Jarred as he takes one of our cards from start to finish.

Bringing the Gourd to life.

Thank you to Guy Davis for letting us have a look at how he finished our favorite Exo-suite driving pumpkin. Please look up his other work on at @FoxtailGraphics. Also, look for his podcast Rocky Mountain Geek Tank @rockymountaingeektank where he helps cover a number of local geek conventions as well as a podcast about…
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You are not alone

I think we can all agree that the last 30 days have been odd. On top of the normal stress, we must all contend with an almost existential threat, unlike anything we have faced before. It’s scary, and you feel like you lack control over your direction and destiny in life. Please know you are…
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Ricko took a moment to enjoy the feel of their small shop as the afternoon sunlight fell across the man seated in the vintage barber chair. The chair dated back to the 1930s and was lovingly adorned with a cast iron scrollwork footrest, arm supports, and headrest. The hard surfaces were each padded with blood-red…
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Being a good Super and a good Band often comes down to having a good name. In fact, some names are so good that they are used by both. Can you name what ones are Supers, what ones are Bands and what ones are both? Check out the link at the bottom for the answers…
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