Bringing the Gourd to life.

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Bringing the Gourd to life.

Thank you to Guy Davis for letting us have a look at how he finished our favorite Exo-suite driving pumpkin. Please look up his other work on at @FoxtailGraphics. Also, look for his podcast Rocky Mountain Geek Tank @rockymountaingeektank where he helps cover a number of local geek conventions as well as a podcast about all things geek.

Guy is one of our first artists to work with us and has done a huge number of cards for us such as Door Girl, Gun Show, and Schrodinger’s Cat to name a few. Guy has lived in the Denver region for most of his life and has become a well-known figure in the Denver geek culture by working on a number of projects as well as his own webcomic “Witches of Flame” about the first missions to Mars. He also has created a long-running and much-loved Start Trek fan comic called “USS Tamerlane.” Guy is also one of the founding members of Nan Desu Kan, also known as NDK Anime Convention. NDK is one of the largest Anime Conventions in the country and one of the longest continually running. If you see him around the Denver area make sure to say hi.

Check out all his work at

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