Everyday Superheroes


Being a good Super and a good Band often comes down to having a good name. In fact, some names are so good that they are used by both. Can you name what ones are Supers, what ones are Bands and what ones are both? Check out the link at the bottom for the answers as well as a great way to find some interesting music.

Leave a comment with a link if you have any ideas for more heroic musicians to add to the list!

1 Shaun Cassidy
2 Sean Cassidy
3 Dazzler
4 Sparkle
5 Tinlicker
6 Atomic Kitten
7 Atomic Betty
8 The Atomics
9 Alan Walker
10 Alan Scott
11 Jet
12 Night Ranger
13 Knight Sabers
14 Matt Murdock
15 Matt Mason
16 Kiss
17 Outkast
18 Outlaws
19 Kyle Rayner
20 Jermy Renner
21 Acolytes
22 Vera Black
23 Black Flag
24 Jay Garrick
25 Jay Allen
26 Cyberkid
27 Cyborg
28 Hybrid
29 Etrigan
30 Jason Todd
31 Jason Mraz
32 Bloodhound gang
33 Youngblood
34 Blood Syndicate
35 Hailstorm
36 Firestorm
37 Geo-Force
38 Thunderbolts
39 New Found Glory
40 New Warriors


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