When the Void screams back.

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When the Void screams back.


Then, existence.

I hated it. I felt the concept sink into my perfect void trying to fill me. It felt wrong as if I was being altered in some grotesque way, polluted by this reality. Then I began to understand a new concept, something so ingrained into this reality that it was the first thing I began to understand that was not my own thought, pain. 

More and more concepts began to enter me, each bringing a new and unique pain. I began to understand matter and the physical form. With that came the pain of the body. I began to understand the passage of time, the absurdity of it. With that came the pain of loss, and concern for the unending pain to come.

I soon began to understand the concept of self, and from then on I realized I was alone. I do not know how long I was alone, with all of existence trying to force its way into me, trying to fill that which was never meant to be filled. Eventually, I heard a voice. Small, alone, and in pain. I was drawn to it, if for no other reason than to eliminate my own pain of being alone. 

I drifted through the towering brown and green pillars of matter that clung to the surface, they pressed out into existence as if in defiance of the crushing weight of it all. Soon I found the voice. It was seated in the crook of one of the large defiant brown pillars. A pillar that had stood so strong and defiant of existence that the pain of time seemed to matter little to it. And the voice in comparison to that monolith was small, so very small. It shook as it sobbed, flinging its pain out into the vast uncaring cold of existence. 

I moved to its side and tried to join it so as to be less alone.

“Hello,” it called, “Is someone there?” 

“Yes, I am here.” Though no sound came from me I knew that it could comprehend me because neither of us were alone any longer. 

“What causes you pain?” I asked the tiny creature

A long pause presided before an answer was giving, “My dad is gone.”

At first, this though did not process for me. It sat as if on the edge of me before existence violently forced it into me. A dad, or father, one that you came from. This concept caused me pain but it was at least a thing that I had a basis for. I also had a progenitor, a place from which it came. A thing that had forced me into existence and a thing I desperately wanted to return to. I knew if I finished my task I would be returned to my progenitor and the pains of this existence would be washed away into the vast unlimited nothing. 

“Has your dad been gone long? What happened to him?” I desperately wanted the pain of being alone to go away forever and I found that the more I knew of this creature the further away that pain became, but there was a cost. For each new thing I learned, took me further and further away from my own progenitor and filled me with more and more pain. Was there a way to make a bond without existence forcing new concepts into me?

“Mom said he has gone and now we have to leave.” 

Mom, Mother, the concepts bore into me but along a similar path as Father. Also a progenitor but different.

“Can you not go back to him, or are you separated like me?”

“I…” the creature welled with pain, something deep within it that I had yet to even begin to comprehend, “I think some bad men took him.” The pain burst forth to the surface.

A question came from deep within me, a place I had yet to even begin to comprehend, “What would make the pain go away?”

“When I’m sad mom will sometimes give me candy.” The creature’s pain changed for a moment as if it was also feeling alone and separated from not just one but both of the things that brought it into existence.

“So if you had candy, you would no longer be in pain?” the questions once more came from deep within me, from my purpose.

The creature shook its head in a jester that after a moment I realized signaled a negative. “Then what else do you want, what have you always wanted from the deepest parts of you?” 

“I want to be a hero,” The concept of those words sat at the edge of me but try as it might, the thought was too big for existence to force it in. The pressure of it was a new and wholly unpleasant form of pain.

“What is a hero?” I asked as a way to end my suffering.

The creature looked up. A feeling for confusion, not unlike my own, radiated from it. “You know, a Hero,” it placed emphasis on the word and existence placed emphasis on its efforts to force my compression of a concept too large for me to absorb. “You know they save people in trouble, and they are super strong and tough and they… fight bad men…” The creature pulled in on itself. The feeling of separation from its progenitor stronger than ever.

The deep place within me reached out and asked a question even I did not fully understand at the time, “Do you want to get back at the bad men that took your dad?”

The creature nodded, “I hate them,” It said quietly. 

This, I could understand. From the moment I came into this reality, existence had forced new understandings and concepts into me with no care or grace, but hate, that was my own. I understood the creature in that aspect and the pain of being alone faded almost completely. 

“What if you could have candy forever? What if you could be a hero? What if you could get back at the bad men who took your dad? What would you give for those things?” The deep place in me asked, my feeling of purpose stronger than ever.

“Everything,” The creature responded with a determination to fight existence, not unlike that of the brown pillar it sat under.

Just then a piece of me peeled away and lay before the creature. The deep place within me had made markings on it. “Pick it up and the power will be yours to end your pain.” The deep place spoke through me.

The creature reached for the piece of me and at the moment it made contact, existence wrapped around both of us. Bonds of reality sprayed from the creature, from the pillars, from everything around us, wrapping me in a cocoon. My own energies surged out wrapping the creature in its own encasing. The energies meet and mingle around the piece of me. They tangled and constricted, drawing both of us tighter. Closer and closer until it pressed on the edge of me, the thought of it too big for me to absorb. After a time I sank into the creature, the deep part of me melding and fuzzing into the deep part of it, our purposes becoming one. My power, and the power of my progenitor becoming its. Its place in this reality is becoming mine. 

Once this creature fulfilled its purpose then my purpose would also be completed leaving nothing left for me to do, and with that, I would be returned to nothing. 

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