You are not alone

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You are not alone

I think we can all agree that the last 30 days have been odd. On top of the normal stress, we must all contend with an almost existential threat, unlike anything we have faced before. It’s scary, and you feel like you lack control over your direction and destiny in life.

Please know you are not alone. 

As a development team, we were planning on a crowdfunding goal of June 28th and a hopeful delivery of the game around November. This was before a national lockdown, our printer shutting down for 3 weeks, one member of our team losing their job, another homeschooling their two children and the 3rd working considerably more hours to help cover the loss in staff. Unsurprisingly we have had to take a step back for the last month and address what is realistic and in many ways what is even appropriate. With the world in its current condition is it right to ask people to spend the little money they have stashed away to help support us and our dreams? 

Our overall mission is unchanged. We set out 4 years ago to tell great stories. We wanted to inject some much-needed inclusion and diversity into two industries that have sorely lacked in it. Lastly, we wanted to shine a spotlight on parts of our culture and history both good and bad that have been overlooked or forgotten. We are inspired by all of the videos and stories of people using their creativity and ingenuity to accomplish those very same goals, and we want to do or part.

So after much soul searching and discussion, we are going to be changing our direction to better support the community during this time. 

  1. We are pressing forward with art to bring the game into its finished form. We know many artists are struggling even more than normal in this time and thankfully we are in a position to help and will be doing so in any way we can.
  2. We want to give people more ways to interact with us and each other as we go through these final phases. We are working on setting up live streams with our artists and collaborators to give everyone a chance to be included.
  3. By using a program called TableTop Simulator ( we have found a way to share what we have done with everyone in a digital way. Our goal is to encourage those of you who may be separated from your normal gaming groups and friends to interact in a safe, digital way. We are also looking to accelerate our plans to make our own digital app.
  4. Finally, throughout our time working on this project we have amassed a great deal of knowledge and experience from our victories, mistakes and great advice from those around us, we would like to share that with all of you. We know many of you will be looking to use this time as a way to bring your own dreams to life and we hope to be able to inspire you to take your next steps.

Some parts of this plan are already underway, while others may take longer to see the light of day. Our intention is that by the time this is all blown over not only will our project be complete but that the community will have been improved by our efforts.

We know that our road has gotten longer, but we also know that it is only through constant effort and looking forward that we will reach the end. For all of you on your own road please keep your feet moving and your eyes on the horizons. 

See you on the road.


Earth Tau project manager.

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